Garage Door Around The Clock is a full-service garage door company serving residential and commercial customers alike. It all begins with the garage door: the consultation, measurement, selection, installation, take down and disposal of your old door and service and maintenance for the lifetime of your new door. To complement their brand-new door, many homeowners are replacing their old garage door opener with one equipped with Wi-Fi capability, no remote required. The good news is that Garage Door Around The Clock has what you’re looking for. We can deliver what you need and want. Our goal is to earn your business and create a lifelong relationship together, one that you will be more than satisfied with, one that you will refer to friends and family. We invite you to experience our quality and customer excellence that is part of our value proposition to every customer we serve.

Your garage door plays an important role in making a first impression of your home. It is one of the most noticeable features of your home and it is also the largest moving appliance of a home so you will want to choose a good quality door with a style that compliments your home and choose the options that will increase your enjoyment of both the door and the garage itself. More than just handling the task of opening and closing your garage, a high-quality, durable garage door can increase the value of your home and even improve its security. An electric garage door can be a priceless time and hassle saver, especially during the winter months! Whether you prefer a traditional style of garage door or a contemporary style of door, give us a call and choose the right door is important (754) 704-0772.


Which garage door style will best compliment and increase the value of your home? Which garage door style can offer the highest return on your investment? With hundreds of possible combinations of panels, windows and hardware to choose from it is not an easy decision. This is where Garage Door Around The Clock can really show one of our strengths and help you. We have 11 years working with garage doors and matching different styles to homes and urge you to ask for your FREE ESTIMATE so we can ensure you that all options have been considered before you make that garage door purchase.

The option to strongly consider for any garage door selection is its R-value. This is the assigned number for how well it will insulate from the outside. The higher the number, the better the insulation property the garage door will provide.

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Carriage House garage doors are designed to be innovative and feature distinctive details that make them stand out from other garage doors available in the Plantation, These Clopay carriage house garage doors are manufactured in a way that resemble the historic carriage house doors. These doors would typically slide, fold or swing open, and we offer options in all styles. However, we are the only company that offers carriage house doors that use the latest modern overhead technology to open. You can choose from a vast number of window options, a variety of panel designs and other selection choices, such as different factory finishes and decorative wrought iron hardware. These garage doors are constructed from natural wood, resilient false wood composite and durable steel. Carriage house garage doors offer a new look and feel that can complement the look of any home. Due to the doors being fully customizable based on color and overall style, you will be able to find the perfect option to match the look of your entire home and build an aesthetically appealing home. If you aren’t sure which one is best for your needs, we can help you make the best possible choice based on your existing home. Once you have made the right selection, we are ready with our team of expert installers in Plantation to help you complete your home with these garage doors.


Clean lines and classic functional details are the hallmarks of several Clopay garage door styles, making them well-suited for the modern home. Designs are available in a variety of materials including aluminum and glass, steel and wood.


Clopay’s traditional garage doors are manufactured in either steel or natural wood. Customize your garage door by selecting from a variety of panel styles available in long or short designs, a unique assortment of decorative window designs and up to eight factory-finished paint colors. Stain-grade wood is also an option.


Unlike steel and composite (plastic) garage doors that attempt to mimic the real wood garage door look, our wood garage doors are manufactured using natural materials that add to the richness and warmth of the home. There is no substitute for the authentic appeal of real wood. We assure you that your garage door will be built with real wood, providing instant curb appeal. Every project is unique, therefore, Garage Door Around The Clock offers a full range of custom wooden garage doors to address the needs of our customers in Plantation area. So whether your deciding factor is design, weather or budget or perhaps all three Garage Door Around The Clock has the door that’s perfect for you.

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Steel garage doors are the most commonly installed types of doors. Their lower costs, maintenance and a variety of available designs make them the obvious choice for most homeowners. No painting is required, although the doors can be painted, and most manufacturers offer different finishing warranties on their garage doors. Styles include, but are not limited to, raised panel designs, flush panels and various carriage house designs. Most have insulation options, as well. Considering the fact that most garages share an interior wall of the home, insulation inside your garage door can help conserve heating and cooling costs.


Vinyl garage doors are beginning to make a larger impression on the market. These doors won’t rust, and are more resistant to dings and scratches than the steel doors. Prepare to pay substantially more for these types of garage doors. They usually look like a steel door as far as exterior styles are concerned. Vinyl garage doors also have similar insulation options as steel garage doors.


Composite doors are made with recycled wood fibers. They offer the strength of steel, with the looks and texture of wood and they can be painted or stained. Composite doors are superior to solid wood in resisting rotting and splitting. You get charmed from doors made with resilient, wood-composite technology. Old world looks, new world performance. Unlike solid wood garage doors, which may require regular maintenance to preserve their look, composite recycled wood garage doors have minimal upkeep needs thanks to innovative technology. Also, composite wood garage doors are more durable than traditional wood doors (which are susceptible to cracking, splitting, warping or rotting).


Premium insulated garage doors for premium construction and maximum thermal efficiency, a Thermacore insulated steel door is the ideal choice. Most models feature our sandwich construction of steel-polyurethane-steel and between-section seals with thermal breaks for reduced air infiltration.


The Modern Classic is a true stile and rail garage door made with an all-aluminum construction. Panel widths and heights can be configured to meet your requirements. Choose from glass or aluminum panels, painted or anodized finish, regardless of your choices the Modern Classic’s beauty will last a lifetime and is virtually maintenance free. It is a perfect match for the modern house. Our collection of aluminum garage doors can be coupled with designer glass to blend with contemporary designs.